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Participatory workshops

  • Various rooms

The challenges of the future

The objective of these workshops is to create an interactive space where participants can pool their knowledge on the important topics covered at the Colloquium. It will be an opportunity to share our diverse perspectives on the challenges ahead and the role that digital technology will play. We invite participants to discuss four main themes.

  1. Audience expectations. During the pandemic, students discovered some of the benefits of distance learning. Many expect or would like to choose how their education is delivered. What are your audiences’ expectations of course delivery methods? To what extent do we need to adapt to the expectations of different audiences?
  2. Commitment to campus life. What role will campuses play in the future of higher education in relation to the place that will be reserved for digital and distance learning?
  3. Les technologies. Over the past few years, we have developed a mastery of technologies that would have been unimaginable four years ago. Which of the technologies used have proven to be the most important and relevant? Are there emerging technologies that are still under-used and deserve to be developed and used more?
  4. Standards and regulations. In light of discussions related to the development of digital solutions, what changes must be made to standards and regulations on course formats, teaching modes, and the recognition of teaching and pedagogical resource creation activities?