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Opening panel

  • National Bank Amphitheatre

Panel: Digital’s place in the college network or how to preserve the gains of an unforeseen metamorphosis

The Journées du numérique en enseignement supérieur 2022 invite us to look back on the transformations that higher education institutions and their partners have undergone since the launch of the Digital Action Plan and the start of the pandemic. These past two years have quickly brought about learning curve that has transformed certain aspects of the college network and the organizations in its orbit.

The panel will five individuals who are part of the college ecosystem, and will focus on the following topics:

  • What are the major transformations the college system has faced during this period? What do these transformations allowed for?
  • What has been experienced? What have we learned in recent years?
  • Now that we are looking at a return to normalcy, how do we preserve what we have gained in the past two years? How do we ensure that such gains are reinvested?

Our panelists’ discussion will help paint a picture of experiences within the college network during the pandemic and will serve as an introduction to the conferences that will follow.

Nathalie Bastien

Réseau des répondantes et répondants TIC (REPTIC)

Catherine Rhéaume

Éductive (Collecto)

Samuel Bernard

Association québécoise de pédagogie collégiale

Isabelle Laplante

Centre de documentation collégiale

Maxime Pelchat